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SCSIcide / Ultra SCSIcide


SCSIcide is a cartridge-based video game released in 2001 for the Atari 2600 VCS console.

In SCSIcide, you play the role of a hard drive read head. As different colored bits scroll across the hard drive platter, you need to quickly read them in the correct order before you suffer a buffer underflow. As you complete each level, the data scrolls by more quickly. SCSIcide incorporates unique gameplay elements such as paddle control and a hexadecimal scoring system.

Ultra SCSIcide, released in 2005, is an enhanced version of SCSIcide containing many improvements such as joystick control, automatic controller detection, a new color palette, and support for both NTSC and PAL video standards.

AtariAge is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Ultra SCSIcide.


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“A very intense game to say the least.” – Lee Krueger

“I think SCSIcide is a terrific game, easily as good as or better than most of the professionally/commercially published games for the VCS.” – Stephen Jacobs

“You deserve some kind of award for the packaging! It’s definitely a piece of art.” – Len Charest

“SCSIcide’s addictive game play is what has forced you to come this far. Your heart is pounding, your jaw is clenched, your eyes have forgotten how to blink. You’re having so much fun you begin to wonder if the government might find out and outlaw it. Better play on. ” – Ben Valdes, Classic Gamer Magazine

Best Game Release of the Year, Runner-Up, MyAtari Magazine 2002 Awards

Selected for All Game Guide’s Best of 2001



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