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Passion Before Fashion: Stories From a Life of Hacking

Passion Before Fashion:...

The hacker community has changed since Joe Grand first discovered it as a kid in 1982. Back then, tinkering with technology was a guarantee for ridicule and torment. Only those truly curious …

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Featured Event

31 May

DEFCON China 1.0

751 D Park
Beijing, China

Joe Grand will present “Creating the DEFCON China 1.0 Badge,” a look at the engineering process behind the conference’s attendee badge. He will also host a badge hacking workshop and demonstrate the JTAGulator in the Demo Labs

Company News

In Support of Right to Repair

Joe Grand of Grand Idea Studio has written a public letter in support of Right to Repair. Right to Repair is a grassroots effort to fight against the closed, monopolized repair tactics of many modern technology vendors and to raise bipartisan awareness of the need for consumers to be able to repair their devices. The letter will be used during technology and repair legislation hearings throughout the country. [ continue ]


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