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Prototype This, an engineering entertainment program on Discovery Channel, offered a view into the real-life process of designing and building unique prototypes. In this thirteen episode series, the team set out to tackle the problems of today by creating crazy, one-of-a-kind inventions of tomorrow.

Joe Grand of Grand Idea Studio was the team's electrical engineer and hardware hacker, and shared the screen with Zoz, a roboticist and software designer specializing in human-machine interaction, Mike North, a material scientist and mechanical engineer, and Terry Sandin, a special effects veteran.

The following sections contain Joe's technical documentation, including schematics, source code, and development notes, that he personally contributed to each build. The information is for educational purposes only, cannot be used for any commercial endeavor without prior approval from Grand Idea Studio, and is unsupported.

Prototype This Extras

Wednesday, Apr 1st, 2009

Resources and materials not specific to a particular Prototype This episode. [ continue ]

Episode 13: Robo Dog Sitter

Thursday, Mar 26th, 2009

The team of inventors attempts to engineer the world’s first robotic dog sitter, a system designed to allow an owner to remotely interact, play, and communicate with his dog. [ continue ]

Episode 12: Gecko Superhero Suit

Thursday, Mar 19th, 2009

It’s time for some superhero adventure with San Francisco’s own “Fantastic Four.” Inspired by the superhuman abilities of the gecko and cutting edge research at Stanford University, the team attempts to create a real-life superhero: Geckoman. [ continue ]

Episode 11: Flying Lifeguard

Thursday, Mar 12th, 2009

The team attempts to prototype two different flying lifeguard systems to save swimmers in danger on unguarded beaches.
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Episode 10: Virtual Sea Adventure

Wednesday, Dec 17th, 2008

The team of engineers attempts to invent the future of deep sea diving with a virtual sea adventure that will allow you to SCUBA any reef in the world from your local swimming pool. [ continue ]



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