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The Upside of Falling Down: Embracing Failure to be a Better Hacker (and Human)

Thursday, Aug 24th, 2023

Everyone fails, we just might not want to admit it. While we mostly hear about the positive outcomes of projects or exploits, the behind-the-scenes struggles are equally as important. As hackers, failure is necessary in order to push boundaries and level up our skills, trying and trying again even though it can be frustrating or painful at the time. [ continue ]

Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s Joe Grand

Friday, Apr 1st, 2022

For many of us, hacking stemmed from a desire to have skills and access that others didn’t have, to explore where we shouldn’t belong, and to escape from social awkwardness. Punk and the genres that followed developed from the angst of youth and discontent with the status quo. [ continue ]

…And Hardware for All

Thursday, Dec 3rd, 2020

The democratization of hardware through the open source and do-it-yourself movements has led to a world where the creation of electronic projects is accessible to people of all skill levels. With dedication and a willingness to learn, explore, experiment, fail, and succeed, one can build just about anything that comes to mind. [ continue ]

When Hacking and Engineering Collide

Thursday, Oct 10th, 2019

Growing up behind the keyboard of an Atari 400, spending countless hours on bulletin board systems, and building electronic projects from magazine how-to columns, Joe was lucky to discover his passion early on. When other kids talked about what they wanted to be when they grew up, it was a firefighter, police officer, or astronaut. Joe wanted to be an engineer. [ continue ]

Right to Repair

Monday, Feb 11th, 2019

Right to Repair is a grassroots effort to fight against the closed, monopolized repair tactics of many modern technology vendors and to raise bipartisan awareness of the need for consumers to be able to repair their devices. Joe Grand of Grand Idea Studio has written an open letter in support of Right to Repair.  [ continue ]



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