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Hardware Hacking Training


Grand Idea Studio’s Hardware Hacking Training, taught exclusively by Joe Grand, focuses on hardware hacking and reverse engineering techniques commonly used against electronic products and embedded systems. This two-day course is a combination of lecture and hands-on exercises, culminating with a hardware hacking challenge in which students attempt to defeat the security of a custom circuit board. Additional one-day courses are available that provide more detail into specific attack vectors.

Please visit the Events page for currently scheduled public classes. If you are interested in a private session for your organization, please contact us. No prior electronics experience is required.



During the courses, the student will:

  • Understand the hardware hacking process and mindset
  • Learn the skills needed to successfully analyze, reverse engineer, modify, and attack electronic products
  • Apply real world techniques to defeat the security of a custom circuit board

Course Materials:

Students will use the following materials and equipment:

  • Hardware hacking tools, including a soldering iron, multimeter, logic analyzer, and device programmer
  • Grand Idea Studio’s custom training circuit board
  • Course lecture slides and hardware hacking/embedded security reference material

Students should bring their own laptop running Windows (or equivalent virtual machine) and containing a functional USB interface. The laptop will be used for online research and to control test equipment. Software and drivers will need to be installed.


“This was the best class I’ve taken in years. Hacking is back!” – Anonymous

“Outstanding course. Joe was a great instructor and made the course very friendly, informative and enjoyable!” – Anonymous

“Tremendous training. Joe definitely knows his stuff and put together an entertaining and challenging course.” – Anonymous

“This is one of the best classes I have taken. Joe is a total rock star.” – Anonymous

“Awesome! Course was an excellent mix of ground concepts, high level materials, and advanced concepts and attacks. Tons of hands on mixed with a fun and interesting lecture. Loved it.” – Anonymous

“An excellent mix of theoretical and hands-on work. The most fun I’ve had in a training course in a long time.” – Steve Wilson


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