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Hardware Hacking Training


Joe Grand’s Hands-on Hardware Hacking training courses teach techniques to explore, manipulate, and exploit electronic systems.

The two-day comprehensive class covers the hardware hacking process, including product teardown, component identification, circuit board reverse engineering, soldering and desoldering, signal monitoring and analysis, and memory extraction. It concludes with a final challenge where you’ll attempt to defeat the security mechanism of a custom electronic device. No prior hardware experience is required.

Additional one-day workshops are available that provide more detail into specific attack vectors.

Please visit the Events page for currently scheduled public classes. If you are interested in a private, on-site session for your organization, please contact us.


Additional Resources:


  • Understand the hardware hacking process and mindset
  • Learn the skills needed to successfully analyze, reverse engineer, modify, and attack electronic devices
  • Apply real world techniques to defeat the security
    of a custom circuit board

Course Materials:

  • Lecture slides and hardware hacking/embedded security reference material
  • Hardware hacking tools, including a soldering iron, multimeter, logic analyzer, and device programmer
  • Grand Idea Studio’s custom training circuit board

What To Bring:

    Students must provide their own computer running Windows (administrator access required, within a virtual machine is OK) and containing a functional USB interface. Software and drivers will need to be installed.

Selected Reviews:

“Awesome! Course was an excellent mix of ground concepts, high level materials, and advanced concepts and attacks. Tons of hands on mixed with a fun and interesting lecture. Loved it.” – Anonymous

“Tremendous training. Joe definitely knows his stuff and put together an entertaining and challenging course.” – Anonymous

“Outstanding course. Joe was a great instructor and made the course very friendly, informative and enjoyable!” – Anonymous

“This was one of the best training classes I have ever been to. The instructor’s emphasis on design philosophies and systematic deconstruction provided me with a clear hacking flowchart.” – Anonymous


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