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The Gamecaster Cybercam™ is the world’s first video game camera that connects to consoles and PCs during live video game competitions, enabling pro-sports cameramen to shoot matches from “within” the game, and pro-sports directors to call an in-game multicamera live switch, delivering a real spectator experience for live, Internet, and TV viewers.

“We see the desire to watch video game competitions increasing among gamers who compete in, and fans who follow, this emerging sport,” said David MacIntosh, President of Gamecaster. “The Gamecaster Cybercam facilitates the quality telecast of video game competitions and brings the drama of competitive gaming to a broader audience.”

Grand Idea Studio provided the entire electrical design for the Gamecaster Cybercam Series 1 and Series 2. Features include sports camera emulation technology, analog thumb-sticks for smooth in-game camera trucking, craning, and zooming, and a motion tracking system for fluid in-game camera panning and tilting.

The technology is protected by U.S. Patent #7,403,220, Apparatus, methods, and systems for viewing and manipulating a virtual environment.



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