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FluidSense FS-01 Infusion Pump


While working at Design Continuum, Joe Grand was an integral part of the electrical engineering team tasked to create a next-generation portable infusion pump. Joe played a crucial role in the product development, from the initial design concepts through pre-production manufacturing. From the Continuum web site:

According to Jeff Carlisle, President and CEO of FluidSense, “IV therapy has emerged over the last thirty years as one of the most pervasive tools of modern medicine. Yet critical elements of the basic technology and technique have not changed in that thirty years.” FluidSense asked Continuum to help create a product that would usher in the next stage of evolution in IV therapy systems – a novel infusion control pump.

The original specification called for a handheld, battery-operated pump that would integrate security, control, data collection, and infrared data transfer capabilities with 96-hour battery life. Continuum’s Electrical Engineering group responded with a multiprocessor circuit design featuring an advanced power management system that beat FluidSense’s original performance specification.

The team evaluated various wireless communication schemes leveraging established and emerging standards. The final design incorporated IrDA communication between pumps, to manage multiple infusions, and the novel Dallas Semiconductor iButton for authentication and data upload.” The FluidSense FS-01 provided a dynamic range of flow from 100┬Ál/hour to 2 liters/hour.

Time Magazine featured the FluidSense pump in their Best Innovation series of 2000.



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