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DEFCON China 1.0 Badge


The DEFCON China 1.0 Badge was created for the first official international edition of DEFCON, the largest and oldest continuously running hacker and computer security convention in the world. It features active electronics mounted on an artistically designed, flexible substrate printed circuit board and is meant to encourage discovery, growth, and community.

The badge’s primary function is to serve as a game in which attendees aim to illuminate their tree by completing certain tasks during the conference. Additional functionality includes USB connectivity and motion detection via accelerometer. A single CR2032 3V Lithium coin cell provides the required power.

A total of 3,300 badges were manufactured with unique artwork and silkscreen colors to denote the different types of DEFCON attendee: Human, Speaker, Village, Goon, Press, and Sponsor.

All designs are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.


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