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Trezor One Fault Injection

Trezor One Fault Injection

Fault injection, also known as ‘glitching,’ is a process to intentionally cause a system to misbehave in a way that is beneficial to an attacker. This technique is commonly used to defeat …

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1 Jan NL 2022

Delta Hotel by ...
Santa Clara, CA

Joe Grand will conduct a three-day “Practical Hardware Hacking Basics + Bonus Day!” training course. This combines his popular two-day introductory class with an extra day of more advanced hardware hacking techniques.

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Joe Grand Writes Foreword for The Hardware Hacking Handbook

Joe Grand of Grand Idea Studio has contributed the foreword for The Hardware Hacking Handbook: Breaking Embedded Security with Hardware Attacks. Written by Jasper van Woudenberg and Colin O’Flynn, the book explores the designs of embedded systems and the techniques required for executing effective hardware attacks.¬†Through the foreword, Joe invites readers to embrace the past, present, and future of hardware hacking’s multifaceted world. [ continue ]


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