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Thursday, Aug 8th, 2019

A quick look at this year’s DEFCON badge! Designed by Joe Grand (aka Kingpin), what secrets do these beautiful pieces hold? And, how do you unlock them? [ continue ]


Monday, Aug 5th, 2019

AltiumLive 2019 brings together several hundred designers, engineers, supply chain professionals, makers, students, and industry leaders in one location where they can expand their knowledge, connect with fellow professionals, and get inspired by the innovators that are altering the landscape of our world. Key participants of the event include hacker and co-host of “Prototype This” Joe Grand aka Kingpin, Signal Integrity Evangelist Eric Bogatin, FEDEVEL Academy founder Robert Feranec, and “Wizard of Make” Bob Martin. [ continue ]

The NULLCON Podcast

Monday, Jun 24th, 2019

American electrical engineer, inventor, and hardware hacker Joe Grand talks about his Discovery Channel television show Prototype This!, L0pht Heavy Industries, @stake, #badgelife, and why he started Grand Idea Studio. [ continue ]


Saturday, Jun 1st, 2019

说到DEF CON China 1.0的胸卡,不得不提及胸卡的设计者Joe Grand。Joe Grand是历届DEF CON胸卡设计师,在主会场Joe Grand向大家分享胸卡设计与制作的历程。 [ continue ]

The Security Ledger Podcast

Tuesday, Apr 30th, 2019

In this week’s podcast, Joe Grand of Grand Idea Studio and Kyle Wiens of iFixit talk about the launch of and fighting cybersecurity FUD in the right to repair. [ continue ]


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