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The Makers and Shakers Podcast

Tuesday, Mar 23rd, 2021

Joe Grand aka Kingpin, founder of Grand Idea Studio, sits down with the InventHub team to talk about his journey of hacking and building hardware projects. [ continue ]

Altium OnTrack Insight

Tuesday, Oct 6th, 2020

On hardware hacking, the beauty of engineering, and finding the right work-life balance. [ continue ]

Altium Stories

Thursday, Feb 6th, 2020

Explore Joe Grand’s life journey as a hardware hacker and get a glimpse inside his mind as he explains how hacking, technology, and engineering fuels his passion. [ continue ]

The Hacker Next Door Podcast

Tuesday, Nov 5th, 2019

Hardware hacker extraordinaire Joe Grand on testifying before Congress as a 22-year-old, helping launch the autonomous vehicle industry, and turning badges into…flamethrowers. [ continue ]

Advanced Assembly

Tuesday, Oct 15th, 2019

Joe Grand teaches engineers how hackers compromise embedded systems so the engineers can begin to defend against future hacks. With the growing presence of unsecured Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices joining the world-wide-web, engineers can create a security hole in their rush to get a product to market. [ continue ]


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The BarCode Podcast

Kingpin with Joe Grand


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