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Safety 1st SmartLight Stair Gate

Friday, Aug 6th, 2004

The SmartLight Stair Gate is a child safety gate containing motion-activated lights that illuminate the stairway and landing upon approach. [ continue ]

thesmartgolfer Laser Putting Alignment System

Sunday, Jul 4th, 2004

The Laser Putting Alignment System (LPAS) is a laser training aid for golf putting which gives the user instant feedback on targeting, clubface orientation, and the ball impact zone. It is compatible with most putters and is attached and removed in seconds. The laser attaches to the putterface and the control switch attaches to the base of the grip. [ continue ]

FluidSense FS-01 Infusion Pump

Saturday, Jan 1st, 2000

While working at Design Continuum, Joe Grand was an integral part of the electrical engineering team tasked to create a next-generation portable infusion pump. Joe played a crucial role in the product development, from the initial design concepts through pre-production manufacturing. From the Continuum web site: [ continue ]

Bio-Rad Moto Alpha Motorized Heated Lid

Friday, Oct 1st, 1999

While working at Design Continuum, Joe Grand was part of an engineering team challenged with creating a motorized, heated lid unit for MJ Research’s (now Bio-Rad Laboratories) popular DNA Engine® Thermal Cycler. Design specifications for the Moto Alpha™ included automated lid control with accurate pressure sensor feedback and interfacing to a proprietary back-end control system via an I2C serial interface. [ continue ]

Cross iPen

Monday, Jun 2nd, 1997

The A.T. Cross iPen consisted of a battery-powered electronic stylus and a drawing tablet that connected to a PC serial port. The product was highly successful for a number of years before being replaced with updated versions. While contracting with Design Continuum, Joe Grand contributed to the final electrical engineering design modifications of the iPen’s pre-production units. [ continue ]



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