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DEFCON 27 Badge Turned Into Social Distancing Reminder

Monday, Sep 14th, 2020

Grand Idea Studio has created a social distancing reminder using the DEFCON 27 Badge. In 2019, the badge was the official attendee badge for DEFCON, the world’s largest and oldest continuously running hacker conference. It served as a game for attendees to play during the event and interacted with … [ continue ]

Altium Stories Features Joe Grand

Thursday, Feb 6th, 2020

Altium Stories, created by global engineering software company Altium, is a YouTube series that highlights today’s innovators and designers. Joe Grand of Grand Idea Studio is featured in an episode entitled “Confessions of a Hacker known as Kingpin,” which explores his relationship with hacking, technology, engineering, and … [ continue ]

In Support of Right to Repair

Monday, Feb 11th, 2019

Joe Grand of Grand Idea Studio has written a public letter in support of Right to Repair. Right to Repair is a grassroots effort to fight against the closed, monopolized repair tactics of many modern technology vendors and to raise bipartisan awareness of the need for consumers to … [ continue ]

OpticSpy Module Available on Crowd Supply

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

Grand Idea Studio’s OpticSpy module, a tool to explore optical data transmissions and covert channels, is now available on Crowd Supply. A full-service product development and crowdfunding platform for the most innovative new products, hardware, and artisan goods, Crowd Supply will handle distribution and sales of the module. [ continue ]

RFID Read/Write Module with USB Interface Released

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 2018

Grand Idea Studio’s RFID Read/Write Module, exclusively manufactured and distributed by Parallax, Inc., is available in a new version with a USB interface for direct connection to a host computer. The RFID Read/Write Module provides a low-cost solution to read and write passive RFID transponder tags from up to four … [ continue ]


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