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Make: celebrates your right to tweak, hack, and bend any technology at your own will.

Joe Grand is a contributor to Make: and was an early member of their Technical Advisory Board. His articles include:

• Vol. 10: Home Electronics

Primer: Voltage, Current, and Resistance, Three staple quantities you’ll encounter with anything that has electrons running through it – here’s how they all tie together, pp. 164-166

Propeller Chip: Silicon from Scratch (sidebar), BASIC Stamp’s Chip Gracey puts a new spin on microcontrollers, pg. 81

• Vol. 08: Toys and Games

1966: A Big Year for Games, An afternoon with Ralph Baer, the “Father of Video Games,” pp. 62-63

• Vol. 06: Robots

RFID for Makers, Build this kit to read radio frequency ID tags, pp. 160-163

• Vol. 05: Science, Weather, and Outdoors

Full Mast Reception, Build your own satellite dish mast in three easy steps, pg. 150

• Vol. 03: Cars and Halloween

Reading and Drawing Schematics, Understanding schematics is a good baseline skill for makers, and not as hard as you think, pp. 151-152

• Vol. 02: Home Entertainment

Retro Game Heaven: The Atari 2600 PC, After fitting a full-featured wireless PC system into an old Atari 2600 case, you can watch movies, surf the web, and play hundreds of retro games, pp. 50-84

Peace and Quiet with the Flip of a Switch, How to add a power switch to an external drive without one, pp. 141-143

• Vol. 01: Premiere

Primer: Soldering and Desoldering, Step-by-step instructions for making (and unmaking) the perfect solder joint, pp. 162-169



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