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Knight Rider Light


The Knight Rider Light consists of two early projects which created Knight Rider-style visual effects using LEDs. The units were intended to be mounted to a car’s front grill for the genuine K.I.T.T. look, but never were.

The original version, designed in September 1995, was a purely analog system. A Maxim MAX038 High-Frequency Waveform generator was used to produce triangle, sawtooth, and sine waves, which were amplified and fed to an LM3914 Dot/Bar Display Driver. A 14″ long custom light bar was created using 16 high-brightness, jumbo red LEDs.

The revised version, designed in February 1997, was a digital system based on a Motorola 68HC705K1. Two toggle switches were used to select one of four LED animation patterns: Knight Rider, Police Wig-Wag, Star Trek, and Alternating Lights. A surplus automobile rear tail light LED light bar was modified with a DB-9 connector for easy mounting away from the control electronics.



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