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Field Monitor Pro / Monitor2Go

Wednesday, Sep 1st, 2010

The Field Monitor Pro and Monitor2Go are the world’s first clamshell portable monitors. They use DisplayLink’s USB graphics technology to give a laptop, work computer, or home computer an immediate secondary display through a simple USB connection. [ continue ]

Perseus Athletics Posture-Tek

Wednesday, Jan 23rd, 2008

The Posture-Tek product line is designed to ensure proper, user-defined posture during exercise or everyday activities. By maintaining the appropriate posture, back injuries and chronic back pain are prevented. Utilizing a unique mechanism to accurately detect position changes, the system silently alerts the user when poor posture occurs. [ continue ]


Friday, Aug 25th, 2006

chumby is an inexpensive, Wi-Fi enabled content delivery device designed to be used around the home to display a set of user-customizable widgets – small Adobe Flash animations that provide real-time information, such as weather, stock quotes, RSS feeds, or pictures. The chumby is architected to be as open as possible for users, including hardware hackers, open-source software programmers, and artists, who may want to modify any aspect of the device. [ continue ]

StenoCast X7

Friday, Sep 16th, 2005

The StenoCast X7 is a Bluetooth-enabled device that provides realtime, point-to-multipoint transmission of a court reporter’s stenograph transcription data to up to seven authorized users. [ continue ]

Safety 1st SmartLight Stair Gate

Friday, Aug 6th, 2004

The SmartLight Stair Gate is a child safety gate containing motion-activated lights that illuminate the stairway and landing upon approach. [ continue ]



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