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CE Lite: Stelladaptor 2600 Controller To USB Interface
Tuesday, Jun 1st, 2004   |  Issue: 6   |  Volume: 2   |  Read the Full Article

There’s been plenty of effort to keep old-school games and platforms alive through emulators. Adaptation of old hardware is trickier, though, so there has been relatively little movement on that front. Homebrew cartridge purveyor Joe Grand stepped forward recently to fill a big gap. The Stelladaptor lets you convert any Atari 2600-compatible joystick, paddle, or driving controller to Linux, Mac, or Windows PC’s USB posrt. Game emulator developers are adding support as we write this. Don’t forget that Commodore 64s also used Atari-style controllers, so dust off that rock-solid SunCom TAC-2 stick and go plunder the Temple of Apshai once more.

– Reprinted Article from CE Tips Magazine: v2 i6



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